Cut Your Padding Cost By Up To 80%!

Up to 9 times faster than manual padding.

A clean, efficient method of producing professional pads and multiple pad strips up to 1″ thick and up to 19″ long.  This advanced hot melt adhesive padding system requires just a 6′ X 8′ area of floor space and can easily be moved around the shop on it’s heavy duty lockdown castors.  The operator can control it’s variable speed to produce up to 3,400 units per hour. Actual speed is operator dependent with an average production speed of 1,800 units per hour.  Depending on the finish pad size multi-up padding can further increase pad production with an additional trimming step.

Simple Operation; Fast Production

The operator simply drops the loose sheets of paper and chip board into the next open bin as the top rotates.  Each of the filled bins automatically jogs and clamps the paper prior to receiving a precise application of hot melt adhesive.  The adhesive instantly sets then the clamp releases to deliver the finished pad to the collection bin or optional conveyor.